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Hubmart Stores Limited is a retail shopping chain of Nigerian heritage, offering multi-format stores in various locations and positioned to offer customers world-class shopping experience as well as a vast range of products. Our unique value proposition lies in our excellent customer service as well as our superior capabilities in the fresh categories.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Quality Control Officer
Berger, Lagos

Job Description

  • Assist QC- Shift Manager to monitor holden samples to ensure finished products conformity to stated best before date.
  • Train and conducts performance management of subordinates in line with company procedure to equip operatives with the necessary skills for effective achievement of departmental objectives.
  • Implement and maintains good housekeeping and sanitary practices among staff accordingly,
  • Prepare accurate reports in accordance with company procedures and work instruction in order to provide reliable information for the efficient management of the department.
  • Participate actively in World Class Operations Management activities as scheduled in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of QC operations in the stores.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • First degree in Food Science/Chemistry/Microbiology
  • Technical Expertise
  • Thoroughness
  • Analytical thinking skills

Job Title: Fresh Sales/Service Manager
 Berger, Lagos

Job Description/Requirements

  • To apply company’s wide variety bakery/butchery/fruits & vegetable/dairy/frozen range and display policy to the satisfaction of customers; and with aim of giving an unparalleled product experience.
  • Plans sales activities, makes sales calls and follow-ups as planned, gains a reputation for reliability.
  • To help drive the business in the department by ensuring the availability of all range of product both in prescribed quality and quantity with proper utilization of space and display management.
  • To achieve departmental budgeted sales and profit targets.
  • Sales/ Customer Base; Identifies the bulk buyers, gets high quality leads (Event Planning and Organizations), turns prospects into customers.
  • Demand for productions, make accurate forecast based on sales trends and have a knack for organizing and proper planning.
  • Enhance and upgrade service quality and speed.
  • Improve Customer satisfaction and solicit customer’s feedback.
  • Research on competitor’s Price, Range and Taste and Price Integrity.
  • Manage and Supervise Quality control, Hygiene, Expiry Control and Cleaning.
  • Ensure that products on shelf/floor are constantly replenished.
  • Have a strong people management Skills.



Job Title: Fresh Production Manager
 Ikeja, Lagos

Job Description

  • To apply company’s wide variety of Meals/Bakery produce/Butchery produce/Fruits & vegetable/dairy/frozen range and display policy to the satisfaction of customers; and with aim of giving an unparalleled product experience.
  • Ensure the production of safe food at all times.
  • Total adherence to HACCP Food Safety Process put in place by the organization
  • To help drive the business in the department by ensuring the availability of all range of product both in prescribed quality and quantity.
  • Develop Team members who become professionals in their area of expertise.
  • To achieve departmental budgeted sales and profit targets.
  • Backend management of Storage Cold chain (Hubdeli, Bakery, Butchery, Produce)
  • Drawing up Production Plan and forecasting from sales trends.
  • Product Development/Test/Launch.
  • Standardization/Recipe Control
  • Waste Management/Scrap/Disposal.
  • Ensure stock rotation (FIFO/FEFO).
  • Ordering/Receiving ingredients

Team Management & Supervision:

  • Ensuring the early/timely resumption of all the Fresh Department staff before the start of their shift.
  • Evaluate and correct where necessary team members’ grooming and appearance, Hygiene
  • Draw, approve and communicate the various roasters to team.
  • Ensure strict adherence by all team members to the various roasters – shift roaster; off-duty roaster, leave roaster etc., maintained by the department.
  • Ensure the prompt preparation and communication of the daily production plan to team by the supervisors before the beginning of day’s work.
  • Ensure strict adherence to the daily production plan as presented to the production team.
  • Drawing/Collating/Approving and executing departmental planning for weekends, public holidays and other important days.
  • Ensure communication of all strategic information as passed by management to the team members promptly and accurately.
  • Hold regular briefings with team so as to orientate on new trends, discuss production plan, periodic targets and mandates and get feedbacks on work related issues from team.
  • Ensure the enforcement of discipline in the work area by all team members.
  • Oversees activity of junior team members to ensure that they are working up to store expectations.
  • Coordinate change of shifts and prevent disruptions in service/production.
  • Team performance management.

Personal & Work Environment:

  • Appearance, Grooming & Hygiene:
  • Ensure compliance with company’s set standard on personal grooming by team.
  • Ensure the company provided uniforms and kit worn in the right manner by team.
  • Ensure that the work area is cleaned before, during and after use with recommended solutions & chemicals.
  • Ensure all the equipment are cleaned before and after use in production.
  • Ensure housekeeping standards is maintained at all times.
  • Ensure all equipments are cleaned in line with the hygiene & safety standards as enshrined in the SOP & on-the-job training by the supervisors and departmental managers.
  • Ensure cleaning is implemented in accordance with the department schedule.
  • All checklist on Operations, Hygiene, Health and safety standards are observed.
  • Health and Safety standards – Self, Team, Area, Equipment:
  • Ensuring self and team wear safety/protective clothes/uniform every day & ensuring other team-mates does the same.
  • Production Manager Should be ready for Inspection from both Local & State Government
  • Ensure team’s observance of all operation and safety instructions as regards the use and cleaning production equipment.
  • Ensure that No Expired items is/are used up for production.
  • Ensure correct dress kits and PPE (personal protective equipment) are used in line with laid down procedure – always wear gloves, caps, aprons, uniforms, coats, boots etc. by all members of team.
  • Proper/correct usage of equipment in order to ensure minimum wastage of ingredients during production process.

Inventory Management:

  • Monitor and ensure the availability of production inputs at all time.
  • Monitor and ensure the availability of consumables in the production – disposable apron, net-caps, gloves, nose mask etc.
  • Ensure that inputs are stored in right place and under the right condition – temperatures & in a hygienic & safe manner.
  • Maintain ideal stock levels per product category & rotate stock(FIFO/FEFO)
  • Ensure stocks are replenished immediately they fall below the minimum stock level.
  • Ensure that production is done as accordance to prescribed methods/instructions and recipes in accurate quantities to ensure efficient utilization of resources.
  • Periodical planning & undertaking of stock take.
  • Ensure consistent quality, freshness and attractive presentation of all the products.
  • Responsible for ordering and receiving along with team members; strictly adherence to the SOP on ordering and receiving.
  • Responsible along with other team members to ensure reduction in wastage.
  • Assisting departmental heads in returns filing and ensuring completion of documentation immediately (the same day as receipt).
  • Accountable along with team members for shrinkage.

Replenishment & Display:

  • Ensure checks are conducted to remove all spoilt/damaged products from stock and proper documentation is done.
  • Ensure stock rotation (FIFO/FEFO).
  • Ensure arrangements of products such that the heavy stocks are not placed on top of the light ones.
  • Ensuring pleasing & attractive display & regular replenishment.
  • Ensure correct prices are labelled on promo items.

Customer Service:

  • Ensure that customers satisfaction starts from the production areas.
  • Ensuring safe and tasty meals to ur esteemed
  • Assist in prompt treating of special orders.
  • Ensure consistent quality, freshness and presentation all the products.
  • Ensure that all items are properly wrapped and weighed with the right code by team.
  • Ensuring better levels of commitment to serve customers.
  • Ensure all produce are brought out for merchandising & display.


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How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Application Letters and CV to:


Application Deadline 19th January, 2019.

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