Massive Job Vacancies at KASI Healthcare

KASI Healthcare (pronounced cash-he) is a healthcare company doing more for healthcare in Nigeria by designing, organizing and operating health facilities and services according to International safety guidelines. We have a special focus on Minimal Invasive surgery, outpatient specialist care and specialist second opinions. In partnership with leading hospitals such as NMC hospital group Dubai, Memorial Hospital Turkey, VIDALL Healthcare India.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Finance Executive
Reports to: Team Leader kasi Doctors
Contract: Continuing


  • Develop accounting and finance policy for appropriate checks and balances are in place for proper functioning of the organization, increasing efficiency and reducing risk.
  • Data analysis to advise management on profit maximizing ideas.
  • Undertake debt drive to recover company’s debt/float.
  • Prepare financial statements, business activity reports and forecasts.
  • Monitor financial details to ensure that legal requirements are met.
  • Review, investigate invoices to be submitted to agencies and correct errors.
  • Review company financial reports and seek ways to reduce costs.
  • Prepare financial statements , and other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness and conformance to reporting standards,
  • Analyse business operations, trends, costs, revenues, financial commitments, and obligations, to project future revenues and expenses or to provide advice.
  • Analyze market trends to find opportunities for expansion or for acquiring other companies.
  • Prepare payroll and pay slips for employees.
  • Check for threats and ensure adequate control measures are put in place to minimize/ remove them.
  • Ensure all machines and equiptments are maintained on a timely basis.
  • Keep and record petty cash and other financial transactions.
  • Keep inventory of stock goods and medicines.

Application Deadline 19th February, 2019.

Job Title: Broadcast Journalist, Multimedia, Kasi News Service
Reports to: Team Leader
Contract: Continuing

Job Purpose

  • To work as part of the editorial/production team in Kasi scoope
  • To work across website, social platforms and TV programme to ensure that the highest quality content is created for our audiences, and make sure that content conforms to Kasi scoope editorial standards.
  • On a daily basis the roles reports to the Lead Manager Kasi Scoope. Shift work will be required which could include early/late shifts, weekends and public holidays.
  • This role requires proven experience of all aspects of delivering powerful stories under pressure for TV, online and social platforms. Candidates will be able to think of engaging and interesting storytelling techniques for Digital and TV platforms, as well as radio. It also requires first class communication skills.
  • To be part of this digital operation with excellent written and spoken English
  • The ability to perform on camera for TV output and present news and current affairs programmes on radio.
  • S/he will be expected to work flexibly as required.

Main Duties

  • To create digital video, write for our website and other social platforms and promote our content in an engaging format with the audience.
  • To be involved in the production of live and recorded TV and other multimedia content including live reporting, anchoring, script-writing, packaging, translating, and compiling TV Bulletins.
  • When required, be involved in radio reporting, presenting or production of news and current affairs programmes.
  • To produce accurate, informed and interesting news and programming to the highest standards. The role demands proven journalistic skill across digital platforms, good onscreen presence and broadcast worthy voice, knowledge of the digital media market, creativity and flexibility, as well as a genuine passion for explaining healthcare to our Nigeria audiences.
  • To report, present, research, write, shoot, edit and adapt stories or programme material for Kasi Scoope news , radio and online audiences
  • To create original digital material for all multimedia output (TV, online, social and radio).
  • To work with graphic designers to produce creative and original graphics sequences which can be shared by other KASI SCOPPE departments.
  • To liaise closely with other Kasi healthcare team members, Newsgathering, reporters and producers across Kasi delivery teams.
  • To advise delivery teams on picture rights and cleared content.
  • To be responsible for thinking through and around editorial problems, developing realistic alternative strategies and approaches.
  • To maintain professional journalistic standards of accuracy, impartiality and fair dealing and adhering to the Editorial guidelines.
  • To offer ideas for sequences, packages and programme content. To suggest new angles on existing stories and to put forward stories not yet covered. To understand the Kasi Scoope strategy and to suggest ideas appropriate to its distinctive style and content.
  • To be responsible for a moving story, amending and updating material as required. To be able to freshen a story.
  • To be responsible for studio production of live and pre-recorded programmes. To respond to breaking stories whilst on air and to resolve technical difficulties.
  • To build and maintain links with other areas of the Kasi Healthcare organisation including Kasi Doctors Online and Kasi Doctors clinics to enable the efficient production of content.
  • After appropriate training, to be able to use a range of digital equipment and information technology to research, write, assemble, shoot, edit and deliver programmes in the appropriate medium, to the highest professional standards.
  • To ensure that Kasi Editorial guidelines and all relevant legal, contractual and copyright requirements are met, referring upwards in cases of difficulty or doubt.
  • All journalists may be required to work with or move to other programme teams on a multimedia basis and to have the ability to work across a range of skills and in a flexible manner, and to carry out these responsibilities in accordance with the Kasi’s overall standards and values. To provide advice digital content to other kasi healthcare business units.
  • To be responsible for efficient use of allocated resources.

Essential Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • Fluent in English and able to communicate effectively.
  • An interest in the developments in the healthcare and wellness market in Nigeria and rest of Africa
  • A good knowledge of what works on digital platforms within the market.
  • Proven track record of producing stories and programmes for TV, and proven editorial judgement.
  • Substantial recent and relevant full-time experience as a journalist, both in originating material and editing the work of others.
  • Ability to write scripts and adapt with accuracy, clarity and style appropriate to differing audiences and forms of media.
  • An excellent broadcasting voice and strong reporting skills with the ability to perform with flair.
  • Complete comprehension of written and spoken English and the ability to communicate effectively.
  • A passion for International news and a thorough current knowledge and understanding of news and current affairs as well as healthcare, social issues, travel, arts/culture and sports.
  • A demonstrable interest in working in a multimedia environment and in encouraging audience involvement.
  • A demonstrable interest in new media and how to exploit it for the Kasi’s purposes.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Interest in a broad global news agenda.
  • Good keyboard/computer skills and the ability to acquire technical skills and to operate technical equipment.
  • A good knowledge of, and interest in, international and Nigerian current affairs.
  • A thorough knowledge of the aims, objectives and vision of Kasi Healthcare
  • An understanding of the Kasi Scoope distinctive news agenda and a wider interest in the strategy of the Kasi Healthcare as a whole.

The following competencies (behaviours and characteristics) have been identified as key to success in the job. Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate these competencies:

  • Editorial Judgement – demonstrates balanced and objective judgement based on a thorough understanding of KASI SCOPPE editorial guidelines, target audience, programme and department objectives. Makes the right editorial decisions, taking account of conflicting views where necessary.
  • Commitment to the KASI SCOPPE– demonstrates an interest and willingness to help the KASI SCOPPE achieve its objectives in the target area.
  • Creative Thinking – able to transform creative ideas into practical reality. Can look at existing situations and problems in novel ways and come up with creative solutions.
  • Planning and organisation – able to think ahead in order to establish and efficient and appropriate course of action for self and others. Prioritises and plans activities taking into account all the relevant issues and factors such as deadlines, staffing and resources.
  • Communication – able to get one’s message understood clearly by adopting a range of styles, tools and techniques appropriate to the audience and the nature of the information.
  • Influencing and persuading – able to present sound and well-reasoned arguments to convince others. Can draw from a range of strategies to persuade people in a way that results in agreement or behaviour change.
  • Managing relationships and team working – able to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people. Works co-operatively with others to be part of a team, as opposed to working separately or competitively.
  • Resilience – manages personal effectiveness by managing emotions in the face of pressure, setbacks or when dealing with provocative situations. Demonstrates an approach to work that is characterised by commitment, motivation and energy.
  • Flexibility – adapts and works effectively with a variety of situations, individuals or groups. Able to understand and appreciate different and opposing perspectives on an issue, to adapt an approach as the requirements of a situation change, and to change or easily accept changes in one’s own organisation or job requirements.



Job Title: Production Manager
Reporting to: Lead Manager Kasi Scoope delivery team

Purpose of the Role

  • We currently have an opportunity for a Production Manager to join our Kasi Scoope delivery team at Kasi HQ, Airport road, on a full time basis.
  • This role will be working within the Digital team on new original content productions for the Kasi Scoope network of existing and soon to launch digital channels including Doctors Nigeria, The Running Show, Laughter is the best medicine and other Kasi Scoope Health and Living Network shows
  • The ideal candidate will have strong experience in production management either at Production Coordinator level or above and should be able to demonstrate that they can manage productions of a variety of sizes across several projects simultaneously. Previous experience of working on digital video projects specifically for online is essential, and experience of working on productions made for the YouTube platform would be preferable.


  • Manage Production Pipeline and implement best practices for all future production and delivery.
  • Working with the Lead Manager Kasi Scoope and Scoope Production team, tasked with managing the budget, schedule, resource and location requirements through pre-production right through to delivery.
  • Manage and deliver all operational and financial aspects of production, working towards delivering the best value for money for every production.
  • Responsible for preparing, managing and monitoring production budgets, and for forecasting and
  • reporting progress; and identifying and mitigating any risks.
  • Accountable for ensuring all deliverables are available in a timely manner to fulfil the commission and that post-production “paperwork” is complete and accurate.
  • Jointly responsible for logic checking all creative ideas for feasibility in regards to budgets and production resources.

Scope & Impact:

  • Sitting in the Kasi Scoope Unit of Kasi Healthcare, the role has a direct reporting line into the
  • CMO &CEO of Kasi healthcare.
  • Mostly office-based, the role will sometimes require occasional location work when out on a shoot.
  • They will need to manage production budgets for the shoots, as well as making sure that all relevant paperwork (insurance, release forms, music cue sheets etc.) are kept up to date and stored for future reference.
  • The success of the role will be definied by the wider success of increasing viewers, subscribers and reach across the Kasi scoope digital Channel Network. The success of the role will also be defined by the delivery of any contracted original content hours within appointed budgets.

Strategic Planning & Decision Making:

  • This role is responsible for managing the budgets and schedules of productions of all original content produced in house and with external parties. This will require planning and management of resources, with the Lead manager and Executive Management, over periods of up to twelve months in advance.
  • The role requires someone who is able to manage budgets of various sizes and who knows how to make the most of these budgets to deliver high quality content.
  • This role requires appreciation for the overall goals of Kasi healthcare, whilst maintaining the quality and innovation that is required to excel in the field of social content creation. Resource management will be absolutely vital, and an understanding of how to balance delivery of content with keeping the team financially responsible is essential.


  • A strong relationship with the Lead Manager and the units Producers are absolutely vital.
  • Build a strong and collaborative relationship with relevant internal teams and external parties to ensure that productions are delivered on time and on budget.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Extensive knowledge of budgeting and spreadsheet management.
  • The successful candidate will need to display aptitude for good team working, support for colleagues and the ability to juggle a number of different tasks at any one time whilst staying calm under pressure.
  • You will be a strong administrator with experience of providing complex administrative support with a working knowledge of producing reports and spread-sheets in a variety of formats.
  • You will be able to communicate confidently, demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills and a positive can-do attitude.
  • With strong organisational and prioritisation skills, you will have the ability to plan and manage your own workload with minimal supervision.

Professional Experience

  • Must previously have worked at Production Coordinator level or above.
  • Previous experience of working on digital video projects specifically for online is essential, and experience of working on productions made for the YouTube platform would be preferable.



Job Title: Digital Content Producer

Purpose of the role

  • We are looking for an organised and proactive digital content producer to bring added imagination and creative flair to digital marketing production team.
  • The role will report into the Head of Production and be responsible for creating a variety of content across social platforms and work on a broad range of multiplatform content including video, microvideo, motion graphics, written copy, stills and gifs.
  • The digital marketing production team supplies material to social channels for the BBC franchise brands.
  • Produers in the team work on series campaigns, ‘Always On’ content or AVOD assets.
  • You’ll develop ideas and create content around our biggest brands, across a variety of social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our own websites.


  • As a producer in the digital marketing team, you’ll create assets for our channels – principally YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and our websites.
  • You’ll produce a wide variety of content across multiple genres e.g. video, gifs, microvideo, articles and stills.
  • As such, proven knowledge and experience of production techniques and technologies and the technical skills to produce quality content across multi-platforms is essential.
  • As well as film/edit skills, you’ll be able to write scripts, social captions and headlines. Audio skills are also an advantage.
  • You’ll be organized, able to plan and be adept at delivering to deadline to ensure that our targets are met e.g. AVOD strategies or digital marketing campaigns around a new broadcast series.
  • You’ll be able to take on a project and run with it and have experience of doing this already. Projects are varied, for example producing assets for Top Gear marketing campaigns; Instagram stories for Hey Duggee or creating original videos for our BBC Earth YouTube channels. You’ll know what content works well across different platforms.
  • Idea generation is essential in this role as is the ability to creative a narrative around a piece of content. You’ll have experience of developing fresh, new creative ideas as well as possessing an understanding of the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines.
  • Creative idea generation, production and delivery of ‘Always On’ content, special projects and campaigns
  • The Planning and scoping out of new projects and additions to existing output
  • Working with other content makers, be it BBC staff, freelancers or agency
  • Delivering projects
  • Producer on digital marketing campaign assets
  • Delivering content that fits with the AVOD strategy
  • Delivering multi-platform digital content to deadline.

Scope & Impact:

  • To develop a slate of original digital content for social channels and websites, primarily for of the Global Franchise brands: Top Gear, BBC Earth, Doctor and pre-school children’s programmes like Hey Duggee.
  • Respond to the individual requirements of such brands and specific platforms to create shareable assets, with the express intention of growing reach and increasing engagement metrics.
  • The financial responsibilities of this role involve ensuring that projects are delivered to the allocated budget, and that a steady stream of content is delivered, ensuring we meet our contractual targets with partners.
  • This role is required to proactively generate new content ideas on a regular basis for all global brands.
  • This role reports to the Senior Digital Producer and the Head of Digital Production.

Strategic Planning & Decision Making:

  • Ensures that all content created is within BBC Editorial Guidelines and is compliant.
  • Makes decisions on creative output and resource, to ensure the timely delivery of high quality content.
  • Works to deadline accurately and plans work accordingly.
  • Has a multi-platform approach to content making and understands what type of content performs well on different platforms.
  • Creates content with the audience in mind, responsible for driving engagement with brands across digital platforms and encouraging content discovery.
  • Responsible for the production and delivery of digital and social media content to support the channel’s marketing and commercial prioirities more widely.


  • The role involves managing and working collaboratively with a wide variety of stakeholders: senior producers, freelancers, brand representatives, regional marketing teams, BBC production teams.
  • Stakeholders can be high level e.g. Director of marketing or Franchise directors. Or at a similar level e.g. Digital Marketing Managers and planners, editors, producers, press, marketing brand teams, programme production teams and sales teams.. The role also involves managing talent.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Experience of producing a wide range of multi-platform content e.g. video, microvideo, motion graphics, written copy, stills and gifs.
  • Ability to work across team and collaboratively.
  • Abilty to generate a stream of creative ideas.
  • Excellent time and project management skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to influence others, internally and externally. Managing stakeholders and talent.
  • Strong understanding of digital trends and the social media landscape.
  • Ability to scope out a projects, managing budget, resource.
  • Able to deliver high quality design assets, moving or still.
  • Evidence of producing accurate, high-quality work.
  • Possess an understanding of delivering projects that are commercially viable.
  • Understanding of the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines.
  • Proven experience of using Adobe Premier, Photoshop, After Effects and an understanding of video formats and codecs.
  • Audience/market focused. Awareness of the latest digital trends and the digital landscape.

Professional Experience:

  • Experience of developing, producing and delivering successful digital content and/or social content campaigns, ideally in an editorial and/or broadcast environment.
  • Must have a good understanding of how content is created, published and shared across the internet, with experience of delivering successful content to different social platforms.
  • Experience of delivering projects to deadline.

Application Deadline 25th February, 2019.


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How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should send their Resume to: with the Job Title as subject.

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