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The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is a non-governmental, humanitarian organization with 60 years of experience in helping to create a safer and more dignified life for refugees and internally displaced people. NRC advocates for the rights of displaced populations and offers assistance within the shelter, emergency food security, and water, sanitation and hygiene sectors.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Position: Consultant (Reviewing / Improving NIF Online Platforms)

Webcruiter ID: 4275468034
Job Location: Borno
Full-time/part-time: Full-time
Percentage of full-time: 100

Job Overview


  • INGO Forum in partnership with NRC is looking for a Consultancy in Northern Nigeria. The purpose of the Consultancy is to put in place NIF owned online platforms including its domain (INGOFORUM.NG) and improve on the features and functionality of its websites. All platforms must be easily accessible on PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
  • NRC initiated country operations in Nigeria in June 2015, in order to respond to the critical and increasing needs in the country. NRC currently has a full team based in Maiduguri and a coordination office in Abuja. NRC is currently providing services across various sectors namely; Shelter and Non-Food Items (NFI); Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Promotion (WASH); Food Security; and Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance (ICLA) in order to address identified humanitarian needs.
  • The INGO Forum in Nigeria was formed in late 2014 to develop a collaborative platform for effective and principled INGO interaction, engagement and coordination for humanitarian, recovery and development interventions in Nigeria.
  • Since inception, the INGO Forum has become a a critical platform for ensuring effective information sharing and analysis; leadership on advocacy and policy engagement; and liaison with government/donor/UN engagement and engagement ensuring the perspectives of INGOs and affected populations are ultimately included in decision-making processes.
  • The INGO Forum is governed by a core membership of 41 members (and 6 observers) with new member applications pending approval on a regular basis, The INGO Forum is governed by an elected Steering Committee of five Country Directors and a Chair that works alongside a full-term Secretariat. Since March 2017, the INGO Forum is administratively hosted by NRC in Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja as well as Maiduguri.

Objective 1:

  • Ensure the secure hosting of all NIF online platforms and successful migration of relevant platforms from current accounts to NIF owned accounts.
  • Review the current hosting plan for the NIF website to ensure it meets a guaranteed minimum uptime of 99.99%, adequate web space for storing resources like reports, assessments, photos, etc. and efficient bandwidth that will ensure a loading time of at most 8.7 seconds.
  • Based on the outcome of the review, recommend appropriate and adequate hosting plans for the current domain (and possibly an additional domain) and subscribe for 1 year, with genuine dedicated Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates inclusive.
  • Use the Office 365 Business Premium plan to set up NIF Business Email on Office 365 from the current email client. This will include:
  • Migration of all existing email contents to the new Office 365 email platform
  • Migration of all NIF contents from the current Cloud Storage to OneDrive
  • Review the current NIF account on Adobe Creative Cloud and isolate it from its current host by creating a new account.


Objective 2:

  • Review and improve the features and functionality of the NIF website.
  • Improve and infuse the website interface and navigations with a modern HTML5 responsive template and a simple technology such as Jekyll.
  • Ensure all webpages are properly named and coded to meet minimum SEO requirements, as well as easily accessible and compatible with all PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Review all contents on the website and ensure they are properly placed and aligned on each web page. Also, ensure all internal and external links on each website menu and within the pages are correctly addressed.
  • Create an additional interactive chart section on the NIF website using technology like Data-Driven Documents, FusionCharts or equivalents.
  • This section will have a subsection for INGO staffing information
  • Data will be represented with responsive and interactive maps and charts (e.g. bar chart, pie chart, ranking chart, etc.)
  • Create a simple membership payment portal that processes and tracts member payments as well as sends alert on expiration and invoices
  • Update the template on the NIF Survey platform to align with other parts of the NIF website including colours, fonts, and width.

Objective 3:

  • Design and develop an online learning and resource portal to support NIF PLRCAP initiative
  • The portal will be placed under a sub-directory of the main INGOFORUM.NG domain and or under a separate domain as determined by NIF and linked to NIF main website via the localization page.
  • The portal will be designed to have a member-only section and public section. The member section includes participating in national/local CSOs and mentor/twinning partners. Also, a profile page will be created for each member.
  • A user-friendly resource library, an improvement over the current Document Bank, will be developed having the following components.

Basic Information of the Applicant:

  • Details of Full-Time Key personnel
  • Details of conducting similar works/with INGOs
  • Details of past and present work are done by the Applicant
  • CAC registration
  • Details of Physical Resources (Office Accommodation with branch
  • Offices if any, Transport if any) of the Applicant
  • The financial status of the Applicant
  • Tax Clearance
  • Planning and delivering results
  • NIF business email server on Office 365 platform
  • An improved NIF website hosted on a Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) platform with accurate contents and all links properly addressed
  • A fully developed and functional online portal for PLRCAP initiative
  • NIF-owned domain servers (INGOFORUM.NG and possibly new domain for hosting resources), web host and Adobe Cloud accounts
  • A handover notes of the completed project

How to Apply

Interested individuals or companies are requested to write to and to get the full tender document for this consultancy.

Note: It is mandatory to indicate the Subject of the email as – Consultancy – Reviewing and Improving NIF Online Platforms.

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